vendredi 23 novembre 2007


24 is a very cool program, it’s easy to watch because is in real time. I learned few expressions and words when I watched the episode. Is really tuff to not watch episode after episode in same day. But if you have some difficulty in English, maybe you have to watch each episode more then one time, because actors talk fast and not loud but the vocabulary is easy. 24 is not like an American movie, where you see lot of violence for anything anywhere, when your saw violence in 24, you have to see for the investigation of Jack Bauer. I recommended 24 for publics who like action and suspense, is really fun to watch and each episode complete another episode like a puzzle.

jeudi 22 novembre 2007

Assigmnent 4

At the beginning of episode two, I was searching the origin of the crashed airplane. I discovered it came from the same town as the suspected killer of the senator. At the same time, my wife was searching for my daughter Kim with the father of the friend of Kim. As for Walsh, he went to a building to get information on the sniper of David Palmer. An informant was waiting for him to give him a key card with tones of files on David Palmer personal life. When he came in elevator with the informant somebody shoot him and killed the informant. At this moment, Walsh called me to rescue him in the building. When I arrived at building I met Walsh. His arm was injured so I tried to found the gunman or gunmans. I discovered them and I killed them all, but when we arrived outside another sniper was waiting for us and he killed Walsh. In the mean time, lot of thing happened! Killers of Palmer organized their crime, my team discovered that there was dirty agent in my team who gave information to killers of David Palmer and it was Nina, my friend, in the team. Finally, Palmer left his room and he didn’t say to anyone what he was going to do. The episode finished and I was not in control of the situation on all point. I didn’t like the feeling of loosing control of my investigation.

lundi 15 octobre 2007

First episode

In the first episode Jack Bauer the main character, had some problems with his daughter at home. She didn’t really like her mother because, she thought her mother controlled her life. Because of that she went to sleep and she ran way from home with her friend. But in the mean time the phone rang and Jack had to go to at work for an important meeting with his boss, Mr Walsh at 12:00 am. The reason of this meeting was Mr Walsh received information concern the senator David Palmer, somebody wanted to killed palmer. Walsh talked to Jack and he gave the responsibility to found the sniper in 24 hours. After that, Jack tried to found the sniper of David Palmer and search his daughter, because she ran away from home. He tried to found information on David Palmer sniper and, at same time on his friends daughter for retraced him. Until the end of episode Jack blended the work and family. At the end of the episode a Boeing 747 blew up in the air and a girl jumped out with parachute, with the access card of the Palmer’s photographer . She stole the access card when they went together in the airplane bathroom.

mercredi 10 octobre 2007

First assignment

The TV program I chose is 24. 24 is an American TV program and is very popular. I chose 24 because the main character is the head of Los Angeles counter terrorists and I like movies with investigation. Each program is 1 hour in real time, each of this hour is 1 hour in the life of Jack Bauer the mean character. In fact its not hard to follow the story. One season of 24 is investigation for Jack Bauer. Many people include the family of Jack, the team at work of jack is present to the listener and it’s really easy to believe in the story because of the real life characters present in the TV program. In short 24 is an investigation program in real time.